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SID 2013


Safer Internet day 2013

To promote SID 2013, SIC LT II launched two traditional children and youth competitions. The first one - “Safer internet events in my school” aims to promote SID 2013 in a various ways. The second is creative comics’ competition of Lithuanian students' “Net etiquette”. The winners of those competitions were awarded during SID 2013 national conference and youth forum in Lithuania.

“Net etiquette” topic reflects on SID 2013 slogan - Connect with respect!

According to the 2013 SID theme and slogan - Connect with respect! - Lithuanian Safer Internet project team encouraged Lithuanian kids to compose “Net etiquette”. Proposals offered by kids online were publicly presented to vote, and the most popular proposals were elected. More than 1000 offers have been received while composing “Lithuanian kids’ Net etiquette”, and more than 500 votes have been received in favour of the Net etiquette rules.

“Lithuanian kid’s Net etiquette” consists of 16 items, that reflect on four safer Internet topics:

1. Social networking;
2. Personal data and images online;
3. Online comments;
4. Emailing.

Around 500 Youth Forum members unanimously ratified “Net etiquette” document during the SID 2013 National Conference and Youth Forum in Lithuania. It was organized simultaneously in 4 biggest cities of Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai, and was live-streamed via internet (see the record).

After the SID 2013 “Lithuanian kid’s Net etiquette” was announced and can be downloaded free of charge from Lithuanian SIC website.

The Net etiquette is composed by youth’s own initiative, and its aim and added value is to encourage youth to be more responsible on the Internet. Net etiquette topics will be used for Youth Forum discussions in many Lithuanian schools, and it was proposed by SIC team as main topic of Safer Internet in 2013.

At the SID 2013 newly developed tools for certain target groups were introduced:

“Are you safe on the Internet?” – an online self-estimation test for young people is accessible online at and is available to be used independently by young people who intend to evaluate their behaviour on the internet.

Online webinar for parents “How to ensure safer online and mobile communication for our kids?” contains psychologists’ recommendations on how to recognize and react if your child is being bullied online, about children communication on social networks. The webinar is available online at

“Safer Internet for Educators” is the e-course for educators on safer Internet issues. It consists of learning material on related topics, such as safety and privacy using computer and the Internet, malicious content, protecting computer and personal data, introducing safer Internet to children.